After going through a PHP & MySQL course while I was studying Software Engineering, I started building webpages working closely with clients developing front-end and back-end for a long time as freelancer since 2004. Once I became Software Engineer and started working as PHP Developer at Globant, I switched to work with front-end exclusively becoming Web UI Developer all the way through Software Designer (or should I say Front-end Designer) on Autodesk projects. Why's that? Because front-end technologies intrigues me. I've been always someone very meticulous, detail-oriented, a perfectionist. Front-end just made sense, I found my place.

Regarding the technologies I worked with on that process, I started with jQuery, I developed some plugins, continuing to expand my JavaScript knowledge towards architectural and MVC frameworks. I really like to attend meetups to learn new stuff, went to JSMeetups and JSConf in Uruguay; I'm working on attending some offshore meetups right now. Loving this JS framework explosion, trying to catch up with latest ones analyzing possible scenarios to use them. Enjoying this learn-as-hobby feeling.

I discovered NodeJS on my own and I was like a 5-year-old on Christmas, played with it for a while in my free time. I had the chance to work with Backbone with Marionette for a little bit until I got to heaven with AngularJS. Now I'm working with AngularJS over RequireJS on a complex UI architecture for an Autodesk project using Yeoman; Grunt as main task runner, Bower as front-end package manager and optimizing with r.js.

I'm currently on San Francisco for two weeks working side-by-side with Autodesk engineers towards a better world :)

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